Candles & Vases Rentals

Explore our carefully curated selection of candle and vase rentals available at The Andolina Boutique Venue, a luxury wedding venue in Duncanville, TX. Book your wedding with us today!

candle sleeve rental

Candle Glass Sleeves

monet candle holder rentals

Monet Candle Holders

glass vase rentals

Glass Vases

brass candlestick rentals

Taper Candlesticks

Italian Florentine gold table rentals

Bud Vases

glass compote rentals

Glass Compote

black taper candlestick rentals

Black Taper Candlesticks

candelabra rentals


gold candelabra rental

Gold Candelabras

hanging lanterns

Taper Candlesticks

gold candlestick rentals

Gold Candle Holder

chinoiserie vase

Chinoiserie Vase

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